Point Yamu by Como – One of Phuket’s Finest Luxury Resorts

Point Yamu by Como stands out as one of the finest all-inclusive resorts in Phuket. Located in the amazing Cape Yamu, a secluded private high-end community on the east coast, this resort is the jewel of the island. It is a perfect place to spend at least a weekend or even for a long holiday. Rest assured that you will leave the place feeling all rejuvenated and refreshed.

Why POINT YAMU by COMO is awesome?

  • Stunning and biggest swimming pool ever
  • Breathtaking view of Phang Nga bay and Phuket
  • Very secluded and private
  • Stylish design and modern
  • Superb restaurant and bar
  • Ultra Luxurious

The resort has exactly seventy nine units for your relaxation endeavors to be fulfilled. Each room is fully equipped with a whole lot of features including free Wi-Fi, study tables, cabinets and so much more to ensure that you get to do what you like doing. Simply put, this resort is fully equipped with whatever you would like to have for an excellent getaway.

The spa is the first place you might want to visit while staying here. With expert therapists, the Point Yamu spa is a really good one. You will most definitely leave that place feeling healthier, younger and less tired. The fatigue will seem to be lifted out from you.

This leaves you with a supply of energy enough to try the expansive swimming pool available at the resort. The swimming pool, clean and crystal clear is strategically located for a wonderful afternoon while on holiday. If swimming does not really tickle your fancy, you can always laze beside the pool and bask in the sun – you deserve it.

Back to the rooms, they are impeccably clean. There is a constant supply of fresh towels and other supplies. There is also good room service available at all times. It is in these rooms that peace and tranquility seem to reside. Sleeping through the night and day is very possible.

Most importantly, the beautiful scenery around Point Yamu by Como will not allow you to sleep through the day. You will wake up to an impossibly stunning scenery right from your bedroom. This luxury hotel will essure you will have a holiday like no other.